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I find that art can play in important part in bridging people for causes and thoughts.  Two of my favorite artists are Banksy and Mantis.  Their art is all over the globe in the midst of a consumer culture, often where people are seperated from the things around them.  In the midst of advertisements, poverty, and self absorption, this art stands out and stands for something.

Mantis’ picture of a starving African boy with an ipod and the words “ineed” is powerful and draws in the viewer.  Sure, this does not necessarily say what the causes of hunger and the gap between the rich and the poor are, but it brings awareness.  Banksy and his art of the children raising the tesco flag with their hands over their hearts questions the democracy of countries and whether or not we represent the people or corporations.

This art allows for thinking beyond the usual jumble of advertisements, cars, and buildings.  It questions the things we have come to accept as normal (i.e. poverty, pollution, corruption).  It is a creative form of protest.  When a corporation pays for wall space to advertise, it is not considered graffitti, but if someone paints an image, it become unacceptable.  Public spaces have become controlled by corporations and governments, and these artist are reclaiming it.


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