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Nader on the Economy

It is unbelievable the amount of corporate influence over the two major party candidates.  Both candidates agreed to give this money give-away to corporate crooks with a 700 billion dollar bailout.  Ralph Nader has been very critical of this and offers his own 4-point solution as described on his website votenader.org.

One of his main points is to make the speculator pay for their own bailout.  With a one-tenth of one percent tax on security derivative transactions, 500 billion dollars would be easily raised in one year.  Now why would the two major party candidates not implement something like this, rather than making the American tax-payers pay for coporate greed?  It's simple, both candidates receive billions in dollars from these corporations, and Obama receives more from Wall Street than McCain.

Nader also brings up a great point that while the candidates talk about the middle class, they never mention the poor.  The poor is only going to increase.  They are the overworked and underpaid in our country.  I also find it important to note, as Nader mentions, that this speculation excess was pushed forward with Clinton and his deregulation in the late 1990's.

I think it is important for people to be critical of the two major party candidates on this matter.  Even if your vote is going to either Obama or McCain, rather than letting the candidates receiving your vote as a "better of the two" decision, accountability should be demanded and the real issues focused on.  This is what Ralph Nader and the other third party presidential candidates are demanding.  The debates are even corporate sponsored and put together by two former heads of the Democrat and Republican National Committees.


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