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I just found this article after coming out of the theater watching “Battle in Seattle.” It is unbelievable how obviously linked corporations are to governments. All of a sudden the public goes wild because the economy is going down the hole, and Banks are going bankrupt. So we award this greed with a rescue plan. And it is so ironic that free-market capitalists are now fans of socialist government plans. Socialism for the rich with the working classes’ money, while the gap between rich and poor increases, environmental protection is hardly a concern, and basic humanitarian necessities are ignored.

A quick side note, on the tube, CNN (ergh) is talking about “America’s Money Crisis” which is way over 10 trillion dollars, and is increasing ONE MILLION $$$$$$$$$$ every 6 SECONDS. And we still are going on with our obviously failed economic system. And it still blows me away that the total of all “third world” national debts combined is around 3 trillion dollars. By that logic we should be poorer than the poorest of Africa. But since we hold so much power in the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and so on we are making the workers, the children, the poor of the world carry the woes of our debt.


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