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So here’s the pictures finally of the great harvest.  Yes the mushrooms were good.  Just finished resting the block to let the mycelium reestablish itself and hopefully I’ll have more mushrooms soon.

The screenprinting was for a big project for all of Jodi’s co-workers at the library.  Library Olympics… so we spent a few days printing 22 shirts (somewhere around that).  Starting to get the technique down a little better.  Came out good for five layers of color.

And last are Belle with her new friend Aussie, and the fat cat in the background of one.  And Jodi playing with the puppies.  How cute.

Oh yeh, I also, yet again, am trying to perfect ginger ale.  We’ll see how it turns out.


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Uhmm pictures

So here’s some pictures of what we’ve been up to.  Jodi made some awesome mozarella cheese over the weekend.  So good tasting… this quick thirty minute recipe she found using only rennet and citric acid in the milk.  All nicely braided…beautiful.

My Valentines present was a mushroom kit (I know, coolest gift ever).  So now I’m growing shitake mushrooms in my room.  Only been a couple days since I started it and mushrooms are already popping up.  Mmmmm.

Oh yeh, theres a picture of the stupid cat business partner that wouldn’t take a picture for promotion of the company.  Selfish jerk. I swear, all he thinks about is himself and squandering money on drugs and whores.  Put his face everywhere, and all we get is his drooly butt all over our clothes.

And of course, the most beautiful lady being all nice and smiley for the picture.

Bye now!

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Oh why do I read these things every Saturday morning…




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These photos are some of my favorite around because of their amazing ability to get a message across.  I’m excited for this January because his exhibit is actually coming to WSU.


Chris Jordan’s series, “Running the Numbers”, portrays so well the effects of our over-comsumed society.  What I find so great about his photos is, that besides the obvious bewilderment of how much we consume and all the wast it produces, the link between all these products or lifestyles and how that relates or Western economic practices.  Or if anything, the pictures and numbers are just surprising at even the superficial level.

The fact that we use so many cell phones blows me away, especially as I think of everything that goes into making that cellphone.  Cheap labor from foreign countries, the utilization of raw materials from around the world, and the interestingfact that we have been able to afford a lifestyle where something like a cellphone is just a product for us to use throw out.

One of my favorite pictures is of the shipping containers.  To me, this is a huge chain of relationships.  It exemplifies our import/export “free” trade market that uses tons of fossil fuels to transport things we consume, ranging from bananas to electronics and toys.  Then I think of the laws in place that dictate this trade, looking at the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, etc.  And I wonder, who grew the coffee for me to drink, as an example?    Knowing the coffee industry, I think of coffee as one of the most pesticide-applied plants, I think of the workers that are growing this mono-crop production (which aids in the extinction of birds) who are not protected by unions or receive a sufficient pay.  I think of this crazy division of wealth where I can go to Starbucks which is every where now, and buy a cup of coffee for a little over a buck, and hey, let’s throw in a paper cup which draws in a whole bunch of other strings.

This all goes back to our trade laws and loan industries.  The fact that we give ridiculous amounts of money to poor countries (which we have made poor with a history of colonialism and a domination of these people’s resources) and define rules such as Structural Adjustment Programs where the country must privatize all sectors of possible profit (this means schools, health care, water, electricity), maintain low wages, and export mono-crops, among other things, which purposely keeps the populace poor at the expense of corporate wealth is outrageous.

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