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“Somebody Has to Respond”

The article “Somebody has to respond” reminded me of the video we watched in class on Argentina: “Hope in hard times” and the video on the workers at the Nike plant that got shut down.  The Republic Windows and Doors factory made me think of what those workers in Argentina did to keep their suit store open.  By taking over the factory and creating a cooperative out of it, they were successful in keeping everyone’s jobs.  Perhaps this is what many companies need to start doing.  I think about the auto bailout and it’s lack of attention on the loss of jobs.  Perhaps if money was funneled to the workers to create a working cooperative, things might be more successful.   I hope at the very least that workers are able to start receiving the attention and media coverage they should be receiving.

Priorities should be set at keeping jobs for people and making sure everyone has food, health, and shelter.  Not until this becomes the focus will any proposition fix the problem.


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