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Alright, here’s a bunch of videos for your viewing pleasure.  With the passing of black friday, and people being killed to buy things, I found it appropriate to continue with the consumerism theme.

The first is Chris Jordan talking about his art.  I already posted something on Chris Jordan but I just found it interesting to hear him talk about his work.

The next one is a kind of creepy video.  It’s not fantastic, but I think it is important to show consumerism’s effect on people as a drug.  It is an addiction that destroys oneself and has taken away our focus from the things that we need and find important in life.  I do think we need to value simplicity.  Sure, it is difficult to sometimes see the connections between consuming and the effects of “globalization” institutions and policies, but it is all linked.  I think we need to start focusing on food, and other necessities and work from there.  If we structure our lives and society around that, perhaps our views on goods and trade would change.

This last one I found really interesting.  As our resources for information increases we still are not all that informed.  We are being fed “information” particularly from corporations and resources with agendas for profit.  There is one part that talks about children getting more information from entities whose goal is to sell them something more than from schools or houses of worship.  We are in a downward spiral that focuses on the self while defeating self-esteem.  Corporations have redefined beauty to be corporate.


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