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Uhmm pictures

So here’s some pictures of what we’ve been up to.  Jodi made some awesome mozarella cheese over the weekend.  So good tasting… this quick thirty minute recipe she found using only rennet and citric acid in the milk.  All nicely braided…beautiful.

My Valentines present was a mushroom kit (I know, coolest gift ever).  So now I’m growing shitake mushrooms in my room.  Only been a couple days since I started it and mushrooms are already popping up.  Mmmmm.

Oh yeh, theres a picture of the stupid cat business partner that wouldn’t take a picture for promotion of the company.  Selfish jerk. I swear, all he thinks about is himself and squandering money on drugs and whores.  Put his face everywhere, and all we get is his drooly butt all over our clothes.

And of course, the most beautiful lady being all nice and smiley for the picture.

Bye now!


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